Health warning. Do not mess with this woman! Pic – Iconic Pix/Tony Mottram

RC BLOG #1 – A Bit Of A Slapper

Date: Mar 20, 2017, Malcolm Dome

Former Runaway and ‘80s metal guitar legend Lita Ford has a larger than life reputation. And rightly so. She’s a real character, someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly – as I saw for myself at an LA party at the end of the 1980s.

There were plenty of high profile music biz people there, including the manager of a huge metal band, who clearly had the hots for Lita. What was giving him away? Well, nothing – apart from everything he said and everything he did. Trouble was, our Lita had no interest at all in what he had for her in his pocket. But when he made it clear that he was going to give up easily Lita decided to teach him a lesson. She suggested playing a game.

First she drew a long road on a white sheet of paper, then peppered the side of the road with trees. Lita told us the idea of the game was to negotiate your way along the road by using a pen to trace the route. But you had to do it with your eyes shut.

Lita challenged the manager to see how he well he could perform. Determined to impress the object of his affections, he agreed. So, picking up the pen and putting on the blindfold, he began tracing his way along the winding road. But he hadn’t got very far when Lita suddenly gave him a massive – and I mean massive – slap across the face!

Shocked and sore, a bit shamefaced and not a little angry, the man whipped off the blindfold and said, “What the hell was that for?” “You hit a tree!” said Lita with feigned innocence. Everyone at the party who’d seen this wannabe lothario taken down a peg or two couldn’t help but have a big laugh at his expense.

Needless the say, he kept well out of her way for the rest of the night. Lita Ford. Not a gal to mess with!

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