Issue 1, April–May 2017

Issue 1
Issue 1 of Rock Candy Magazine. It’ll become a collector’s item.


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Life In The Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane

Howard Johnson leaves no stone unturned as he unlocks the story behind the troubled life and tragic death of Warrant frontman Jani Lane. Click "Read" for an extract from this feature.


Whatever Happened To The Ladykillers?

Kerrang!’s ‘Ladykillers’ feature was hugely popular. Paul Suter goes in search of the girls he championed back in the day. Click "Read" for an extract from this feature.

We think we’ve made a great rock mag. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at these two sample features from our 100 page issue 1…


Aerosmith Rocks Revisited


The Twisted Sister Fight Club


Vintage Gig Tickets


Classic Quo

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