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The Rock Candy Mag blog is where you get a regular dose of rock’n’roll rambling on whatever our writer of the week wants to get off his (or her) chest. Malcolm Dome will surely make mention of London’s messiest late night ’80s drinking dens. Paul Suter might want to regale you with tales of obscure Canadian bands you shouldn’t have missed first time around. HoJo will doubtless remember the day he was kidnapped, chained up and made up in the Kerrang! office by Wrathchild. Who knows? Derek Oliver might even reveal the real reason why he’s known as ‘Sausage’!

But whatever the topic of conversation, we guarantee you won’t be bored!

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Newcastle Mayfair Blog Image.jpg
Two ladies who were more than ready to rock in The Mayfair’s heyday!

RC BLOG #4 – I Used To Go To The Newcastle Mayfair

Date: Apr 10, 2017, John Nicholson

John Nicholson remembers Newcastle’s greatest ever rock hangout, The Mayfair


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